Strategic Planning

Leadership Resource Group provides strategic planning services to businesses, government, nonprofits and community groups. A successful strategic planning effort requires preparation, training and strong implementation efforts on behalf of the organization and the coordinator/moderator. We have developed strategic plans for private utility companies, cities, university departments, school districts and nonprofit organizations that have helped them both plan for the future and implement the changes they want to achieve.


We always treat each organization as a unique challenge. We work to be as inclusive as possible and develop a process that best fits the nature and culture of the organization we work with. While most strategic plans have similar elements, we work with you to develop a concrete pathway to follow during the process. We do not impose any specific approach. We provide a number of alternatives that suit your need and deadlines. Our work can be scheduled to fit with your ongoing work demands and the needs of all the stakeholders involved. In some cases, we can take the lead role in managing the overall process or work with a designated project leader to help coordinate the work.


Our fees are based on the level of effort and the expected completion dates. We also consider how much support work the organization provides. In some cases, we serve primarily as advisors while taking the bulk of the work duties in other cases. The fees will vary accordingly. Given that, we are willing to negotiate the fees.

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