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Thank you for visiting my site. I’ve posted samples of some of my work. Some of it is previously published content and some of it is redacted (names left out) of samples of internal documents which are not for public distribution and are appropriately marked.

The following is a set of documents for one of my clients. These may be viewed by those with permission to access this page but may not be distributed elsewhere.


I currently write a monthly column for the Valley Business Report. Here is my latest column.


Although it has stopped publication, you can see some of my work at The Valley Times.

The following are some policy papers and research projects I’ve done for other groups. You are free to share this as you see fit:

A Mata Portfolio #1I’ve included a concept paper, a fundraising letter and a magazine article for your consideration in this set.

A Mata Portfolio #2: I’ve included a concept paper, a short story and a magazine article. Note: the short story is about suicide, so be warned about that.

A note on the concept papers. I write these whenever I think I have a really good idea worth sharing with others. Sometimes I try to actually get them implemented. And sometimes, I know that I’m not the person best suited for the idea. I am willing to share them and hope that someone can do something with them. Please feel free to try anything I share here.


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